Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bluefin Tuna

I have decided to show the pic of the Bluefin caught a couple of years ago. Even though fish was never brought to land, I do have a boat shot of it. Been through enough bs over it, you may as well enjoy it.

Mid March, Venice tuna

It has been a bit windy.....windy enough for us to cancel last week...the whole week, haha

The week before was good to us though. Well, minus the day that everyone fished in the rain storm the entire day....that kinda sucked, but the fish were eating.  Roughly 40
yellowfin were caught on the triple threat in 6 days...not too bad at all.

Gray had been off from fishing for a few weeks and I had been clowning on him pretty bad about not being able to find fish....his first day he had three yellowfin, a couple of blacks, couple jacks and somehow managed a wahoo so I couldn't mess with him too much....the next day he goes and catches 11 yellowfin and the 7 the day after that....guess that will keep me quiet for a little while.  I had planned on going show him up last week but got blown out so now I have to listen to him for a while.....

Both Capt Gray and Capt Nick caught almost every fish on live bait....still a good bit of livies out there if you look.

Even have a few fish eating top water poppers.

Capt Mitch had the Party Crew that weekend....The guys had hit it hard all night and then tried to fish....after making it out to Mars area, Mitch landed three
tuna in the 70 pound range and then the guys told him to take it to the barn, they had enough.....with most of the crew sea sick, they called it a day.  Lesson.....always get good sleep before fishing an offshore trip...no partying, haha

Next couple of months should be pretty good. Dolphin will start to show up....this is the time of year we see live
pogies offshore and can net them for bait.  Its almost go time....bill fish have already started to show....still some wahoo around...April and May are good months...should be able to find good fish.  TIP....when throwing live bait for a dolphin you can see... make sure to let him swim away from you for a little before coming tight....when sight fishing with circle hooks, we all get trigger happy and think since we see the fish eat that we can set the hook but most times the hook will come out because the fish is facing you.   Pitch the bait, let the fish eat, may even swim around, once the fish feels the pressure, most times will take off away from the boat, let it run a few seconds and then apply drag easy....come to strike, fish on....enjoy yourselves out there and please be careful

We have dates open on both boats...fishing is getting good. June is filling up but still have open dates including weekend dates. The new boat is ready to rock. Check out the site and blog for more info, pics and videos.  Check us out on Facebook, please like the page.

Capt Josh Howard


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 2014

Been a while since a post. I've had many irons in the fire and a PC in much need of a shop. Fresh out of the shop today and so far so good. We recently got the 38 Sea Hunter back from Miami....had the tower removed, stickers put on the side, plenty of other things done while it was there...she is ready to rock. Capt Nick has been fishing it the last few days. Fishing has been good overall but pretty tough today. Nick said he just watched tuna slow roll all day. They ended up with a few tuna but was late back to the dock. Same crew tomorrow so hope for better results. Our wahoo season was good. Caught several big hooters and good numbers. In the really rough stuff the new boat plowed thru weaves like a champ. 38 ft is a lot of boat. Yellowfin and blackfin is mainly what's going on right now. Nick did have a good wahoo yesterday but the numbers on the hooters have decreased but we typically see a showing in mid march so never know. We are beginning to move away from the salt domes now and are concentrating on the floaters. We have some live bait around so that helps. Live bait, chunks of red meat and poppers will all produce fish in the next couple of months. We will start to scale back from 80 fluoro to 60 now. Seaguar premier is my fluorocarbon of choice. On hook size...that really depends on bait size. You will match the hook to the bait. I will use 6/0 and 7/0 the most but sometimes I drop as low as 5/0 and as big as 9/0.
We still have dates open in April and May. June is starting to book up but still some open dates...a few weekend dates. We have the Sea Hunter and the contender available to fish. This Sunday is open if you want to fish

 Capt Josh Howard 225-572-7408 deepsouthcharters@cox.net www.deepsouthcharters.com

Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday, June 3, 2013

Last few weeking Tuna fishing Venice

Sorry for the delay posting a report. Fishing had been a little slow and really wasn't much to report but things seem to be picking up. Fishing over the last few weeks has been good, some days, Very Good! Summer is finally here. Seas have calmed, cold weather is gone, fish are showing up....Life is Good. Just got word and a picture from Capt Gray that he landed a 165 yellowfin today. It was the only bite of the day on tuna, talk about making it count. Plenty of storms out today. Capt Mitch got on the fish but was forced out by storms. He was able to pick up a couple of tuna and a couple of dolphin before leaving, a quick limit of red snapper on the way back to the dock. Both boats are fishing tomorrow so hope they are able to stay on the fish, think the forecast is clear of rain tomorrow. Every day last week was blown out for us. The week before was good fishing though. Gray and Mitch were able to catch some hooters, dolphin, tuna and amberjack. Gray got on them good one day, caught 7 good yellowfin and a limit of jacks on the way back. He was all pumped up because he had an overnight trip the next day. The difference a day makes......fishing was easy on the day trip, hard on the overnighter. Ended the 24 hour trip with 5 yellowfin. Not bad at all but he hoped it would be better. A few days before all of this, Mitch caught 9 good yellowfin and 2 dolphin. Several other days have been good as well. Lot of days with 4-5 tuna, 2-4 dolphin and snapper or jacks. About 3-4 weeks ago, Capt Andy and I put it on some nice late season wahoo. It was sloppy weather but the fishing was good. Went back the next day, couldn't buy a wahoo bite. Fishing was hard that day, both boats struggled til the end of the day. I was able to load the boat with jumbo blacks and Mitch landed a few blacks and then spent the next 2 hours fighting a mean yellowfin. Think the fish went about 140. Check out this link, its a video Aaron shot on Mitch's boat about a month ago. http://youtu.be/IM7gi3PCBuI They had a good time, landed some good fish. Aaron did a good job editing the video, think you will enjoy! Snapper season will be open til June 25th Amberjack will open back up August 1st. Plenty of big Mangrove snapper around. Hopefully I can write another report in the next few days to fill you in on the next few days of fishing. Be safe out there.... Books are starting to fill pretty good but we have some open days to fish in June and July. Even a few weekend dates here and there. Be sure to check the site and blog for info, reports, pictures and who knows what else. Capt Josh Howard 225-572-7408 deepsouthcharters@cox.net www.deepsouthcharters.com deepsouthcharters.blogspot.com

Monday, February 4, 2013

Wahoo Bite has turned ON!!

Seems the wahoo bite has turned on really hard over the last 2 days and will prob be on for the next 2-3 days. If you ever wanted wahoo, this may be your best shot. I am open to fish Tuesday and Thursday for wahoo. I will fish Wednesday and post pictures of what you could have caught. Friend of mine hit them today and is already back at the dock, not even noon yet! If you want to go, we have the following days open. Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday and then Next Tuesday! I believe all days will be good for wahoo, we are pushing up on the new moon now!!!! Capt Josh Howard 225-572-7408 deepsouthcharters@cox.net www.deepsouthcharters.com

Tuna Fishing heating up in Venice!! 142 pound Yellowfin!!

Feels damn good to be back on the water every week! The fishing is not as consistent as I would like to see it but its getting better every day! I cant seem to catch a wahoo this year either and that has me in a bad mood but most people say I stay in a bad mood so i guess everything is normal!
We fished Friday and Saturday this week. Friday was out of control, couldnt do anything wrong!! Started the day by pulling for wahoo, figure sooner or later I gotta catch one! First rig, put the baits out and we double up! I was happy for about 20 seconds til I figured they had to be jacks! I was right, no wahoo again! After no luck on the hoos, we dropped some big mullet down to say hello to some big amberjack and it was game on. Nothing like some hard pulling AJs to put smiles on all faces first thing in the morning.
Made a run to the tuna grounds. Brandon lined out the guys and we start fishing. Didnt take long before we had a reel screaming and we were on our first yellowfin. We put a few in the box and then the 30 wide starts to take line at a rate that got my attention, we were losing it fast enough that I put the boat in gear and left my school of fish that I had worked so hard to get under my boat. We chase this thing for a while, finally get some line back on the reel and get up and down with the fish. Took a while but I finally see what looks like a big tail wrapped tuna on the surface. I hate tail wrapped fish, sometimes I can stick them easy and other times its like I cant get a good stick and the fish takes off like the cops are after it!! Lucky for us, I got a good stick on the fish, we pull it in the boat and can see that its hooked in the fin. I cut the line, was going to leave the hook in but when I cut the fluoro leader, the hook just fell out!! This is why its super important to keep lines tight during a fight, you NEVER know how well a fish is hooked!!! Anyway, awesome fish! Everyone is happy, I think I even smiled. The guy on the rod said he thinks he would have died without the Braid Power Play Harness that we were nice enough to strap him into! After hooking into the harness, he looked like a pro on the rod but before......well, lets just say, not so much!! haha We get back to work and put a few more in the boat. Was a really good day on the water. Ton of meat for the crew.
Saturday, Im thinking, ok, part 2 but I couldnt be more wrong! Started the day pulling for wahoo but you know how that ends! Big fat ZERO!! Decide to catch some jacks again that morning, all is going good so far, quick limit of AJs in the boat! Start to tuna fish and oh boy. Nothing for hours. Finally get a fish on and is taking line, here we go, we have a live one....We fight the fish for a good while when another line goes off, I can tell this is a shark by the way it runs, or really doesnt run. the problem is, this sorry shark makes a wrap around the tuna line before we know it and makes a hard run and I mean before we can act, the line has cut through the other line that HAD a tuna on it!! Now, i am none too happy! Work this hard to get a fish on and something like this happens! WOW! I feel like a jackass for allowing it to happen! We move on, nothing we can do about it now....fish for another hour or so and double up. Fight both fish back to the boat, they surface about the same time and are both making big circles and wrapping up but we handle everything good, finally get a gaff in one so now no sweat!! Fight the other one up to the boat again and line breaks, this one must have swallowed the hook because the line is shredded! Now Im pissed. Made up my mind that im not leaving til I have more fish in the boat or it gets dark, well we watched the sun go down and I threw in the towel with my one yellowfin for the day!! Cant win em all!!
All in all, it was a fun weekend with two really awesome crews on the Deja Vu!! Cant wait to get back at it Wednesday!! Wahoo, here I come!!
We still have weekend and week days open to fish. Please visit our site and blog for more reports and pictures! Stay safe on the water! The river has huge logs this time of year and the water temp is 45 degrees so please be careful, the fog has been an issue some days as well! Please like us on Facebook to see all of the pics we upload and keep up with the bite! Feel free to ask questions on there as well! If i know the answer, I will be more than happy to reply! Facebook link is https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Deep-South-Charters-Inc/183850388365139
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